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Alaskan True Cod

Alaskan True Cod

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Alaskan True Cod (4 fillets)
Alaskan True Cod (10 fillets)

Sustainably fished from the clean waters of Alaska, Alaskan True Cod is classified as BEST CHOICE by the Monterey Bay Aquarium. You must have had Fish-and-Chips! The fish used was most likely True Cod if you had the meal on the West Coast. The True Cod has a mild and clean flavor. It flakes easily and has large white-meat . Though often found in fish and chips - and that is deep fried, cod is healthiest baked or broiled without the oils. True Cod can be used as an alternative to halibut for a less costly whitefish alternative. True Cod fillets are all 8 oz. size and vac packed.

Nutritional information: Calories 100, Protein 23, Fat <1, Cholesterol 45, Omega-3 280

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This Cod comes from wild Alaskan waters. That means the best and cleanest True Cod you can get. You can't get better Cod anywhere in the world! Alaska has Cod, True Cod and Lingcod. The True Cod is moist, flaky and mild, both on your wallet, and your pallet! Alaskan True Cod is a great way to experience quality Alaskan whitefish. It is almost like Halibut, but at a much lower price! True Cod is low in fat and calories, and an excellent source of high quality protein. It may be poached, broiled, sauteed, roasted, or steamed.

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