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Why Seafood

For years now, doctors and scientists have been insisting that a normal diet that consists of healthy seafood at least twice a week can improve your quality of life. Why? Simply put, seafood contains many nutrients and highly concentrated amounts of essential minerals and vitamins in a package that is healthier for your heart than other meat alternatives. Fish such as King Salmon, and especially Black Cod have high amounts of Omega-3 fatty acids, which are proven to aid in the prevention of various heart disease, reducing the chance of heart attacks, all the while meeting and exceeding many of the other daily requirements for protein and carbohydrates without the excess fat that is in beef.

Why Seafood from Alaskan Harvest?

Alaskan Harvest buys fish that is fished sustainably. While we do appreciate having a large amount of fish and crab to send to all of our customers, preserving the oceans and rivers that are home to these great species is our number one priority. Occasionally, this may mean having a smaller quantity, and carrying a smaller amount of inventory of particular items, or rarely not carrying an item for a portion of the year, the benefits of preserving the natural resources of our earth are far more important.

Instead of buying fish that is farmed, or semi-farmed (which is perfectly legal, and in 90% of cases sold as being "Wild" in a supermarket) our fish has been fished directly from the waters in it's habitat. In fact, every fish item that we carry, aside from Maine Lobster, comes directly from the waters of Alaska, to a cold storage facility in the lower United States. While many other suppliers do not maintain quality control at such an early stage, we make sure our fish is properly packaged for quality as well as presentation, and is not thawed between storage, meaning that our fish stays fresh and frozen from the ship to your kitchen. While we would love to be able to sell directly from the docks, not freezing fillets of fish, even after one day of being caught loses many of it's nutrients and taste.

In the rare event that a shipment of fillets is packaged improperly, or portioned incorrectly, we do not bring it into our shipping inventory. Instead, it is kept frozen, and sent back to the processing and packaging facility for another batch of fillets, unless the current batch can still be corrected while not reducing the quality of the fillets. In each case, the fillets you receive from Alaskan Harvest are most likely the best quality fillet that is possible for the general public to buy from Alaskan waters, without catching it, or flying to the remote docking locations yourself and bartering directly with the captains.

Aside from crab, your seafood is frozen and delivered ready to cook, once thawed. In each package, we include instructions for how to cook your seafood, various tips for recipes and other information regarding Alaskan seafood products. We also operate a blog, which has recipes and news that is updated daily, should you wish to have more information regarding our products or your orders. Crab, on the other hand, is pre-cooked aboard the ship once it is caught, and then flash frozen, which is a technique for freezing at a faster rate than just simply putting it into a cold storage unit after being brought aboard.

In short, we take great pride in the quality of our products, and stand behind each of them. If you find that our products do not meet your standards, please contact us, either via e-mail or calling our customer service.