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Halibut Cheeks

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Halibut Cheeks (4 Packs)
Halibut Cheeks (8 Packs)

Halibut Cheeks are portioned from the actual cheeks of the fish. They are flaky and tender and typically sweet compared to the Halibut fillets. The size of cheeks vary according to the size of the Halibut but they are packed in 8 oz. packages, two to four cheeks in each package. Each vacuum pack weighs 8 oz.

Nutritional information: Calories 140, Protein 27, Fat 3, Cholesterol 40, Omega-3 460

Wondering how to cook halibut cheeks? Halibut cheeks are wonderful when simmered in cream with a sprig of fresh tarragon, and they are exceptionally sweeter and more tender than a typical Halibut fillet.

If you've never heard of Halibut cheeks, you've been missing out on one of the most exquisite delicacies that Alaska can offer! These "fillets" are Cut from the actual cheeks of the Halibut, cheeks were a closely guarded secret of the native Alaskans for decades.

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